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Accelerate Your Decision Making Without a Drop in Performance

Based on transactional and behavioral data, the company scan offer provides a unique set of indicators that instantly flag fraud, score the creditworthiness of a company, and protect your portfolio’s performance.
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How it works

A 360 analysis of your portfolio

Identify Fraud Attempts Early

Company scan automatically analyzes incoming requests, verifies all uploaded documents, and gives you the reality of a company’s financial situation so you can identify and stop fraud early.

Analyze the Creditworthiness of a Business Instantly

Company scan helps you reduce the manual review and sharpens your analysis. From credit scoring to cashflow assessment, our tool enables you to gain visibility into a company’s financials — and their ability to pay you back.

Protect Your Portfolio’s Performance

Protect your portfolio performance by analyzing companies during your deal origination process and track their financial evolution over time.

Our solution

It takes less than 5 minutes to process a request

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